My name is Muni Alessandra Leykauf. I am a painter and a writer. While you can see some of my paintings on www.munialessandra.com, you will not find trace of my writings, as I write in German. So far, I had exhibitions in Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

My blogs


Initially, all I wanted to do was to illustrate a book with Lovers painted or created by female contemporary artists from around the world.

To my utter dismiss, I could not find any, or better hardly any. Female artists mainly depict women, or men in an extremely neutral form. The idea to give a platform to the precious few was born. The blog www.99-lovers.com presents to you exclusively males and lovers created by contemporary female artists.

During my research, I stumbled accross such wonderful males created by men (and so few be women), that I decided to create a mirror blog, this blog, which depicts the Male, created by contemporary artists of both sexes.

I do hope so, that slowly and steadily the www.99-lovers.com blog will start to fill up, with Males, but also with Lovers eternalized by contemporary female artists from around the world.

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